Some updates ... Well it's been awhile, and finally the releases on GSR will be out next week. We are really looking foward to getting it out there and hearing some feedback. The releases will feature the first few songs even written for E.D. First track was "The Lover" which will be on the "Old Dark Era" split with Southern Forest, the now-defunct Brazilian BM horde. The second and third tracks, "The Story of The Old Man" & "Death Like Us", will be on the "United Dark Spirits" split with Faen Tute. For info on the releases, check the appropriate links on the side panel.

Future releases are still running behind do to my (KJG) tumultous life, but hopefully I can get out of this feeling and start writing again. Future releases that are still planned are a split 7" with TOIL for GSR/Rusty Axe Records, as well as a split c-30 with I.G. Farben to be out on Dunkles Irrlicht.


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